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How to Win Friends and Influence People? Vs. What is CRM?

Most probably none of us needs a proof that relationship between people is the power of existence. And good relationships are the engine of progress.

Dale Carnegie, (1888-1955) a famous American writer, lecturer and developer of famous course of self-improvement “How to Win Friends & Influence People”, created a unique and timeless recipe –  Six Ways to Make People Like You: 

  1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
  2. Smile.
  3. Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
  4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interest.
  6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.

The 21st century is outside the door, but the list is relevant more than ever! The more people “Like” you, the more benefits and perspectives you have.

If it was 60s or 70s, as a good sales manager you would have tons of business cards or huge Rolodex on your table. Your daily routine would include plenty of phone calls to your current clients and sophisticated searches for new contacts in all possible ways. Sometimes impossible too! 

Customer Relationship Management

However contacts are worthless if they do not turn into relationship. And we have no doubt, that not only Dale, but also Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919, one of the richest people and one of the richest Americans ever) too, would agree with that!

Every contact has a perspective to become a relationship. Even relationship between customer and seller or supplier! But to transform a contact into a relation, first of all this needs to be managed: on time, using right communication strategy and with client specific message.

Any business starts out with a foundation of great customer relationships.

How to win and influence customers?

Let’s use centenary wisdom of Dale Carnegie to create our 21st century recipe: To Win a Customer you need to Create a Relationship. To Influence a Customer you need to make him feel important.

It’s Mission Possible if you have a CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM, what by definition stands for Customer Relationship Management, is an information system (software) that allows to manage relationships with current and prospective customers.

Customer Relationship Management systems empowers you to focus on your organisation’s relationships with customers, service users, colleagues, suppliers – unite all possible channels, which are already in use, and another once, which may become prospective deals.

What is CRM

With CRM your company can track, store and manage the history of communication and actions made with current and prospective customers. If you want a good catch, you should know everything what will help you to create a relationship with customer:

  • When, how many calls and who did make? What was discussed?
  • When, how often, with what content and by whom were emails sent?
  • When, where, how many times meetings were held?
  • What kind of presentation and who delivered?
  • When and what kind of step is needed to close the deal or grow that customer account?

By using CRM system, all information is stored in one place:

  • every customer
  • every lead and deal
  • every service request
  • all contact information
  • customers’ preferences
  • history of communication

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Painless setup, no credit card required

Every businessman needs customer relationship information to be automatically updated, with instant access for employees. And better if it is online, otherwise – personal notebook has more advantage! Doesn’t it? 

Nowadays to have information about your customers is more than easy – all you need might be available on mobile phone, desktop and through powerful reports & dashboards of your CRM. Such information empowers you to create personal, relevant and up-to-date conversations with customer.

CRM system is similarly built around customer/client and relationships, what makes it valuable for a fast-growing and successful business. If you can get answers about customer profile from CRM, you already know all customer’s history in relationship with your company.

And even if you are an beginner, with properly used CRM information you can create an impression of genuine interest in customer and win a deal!

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And what about the influence?

CRM will enable you to plan and create the required attention to your customer to develop relationship. Why is it so important?

Client Relationship Management

During the selling process of product or service sales team generates a huge amount of data. They mostly use everything they have on hands to store it: personal notebooks and sticky notes for handwritten notes, laptop, mobile phone, etc. Storing information this way details definitely get lost, meetings are forgotten and golden customers can be abandoned.

Additionally customers might be contacted using a range of different platforms – phone, email and social media. It could be questionable, which will lead to a deal. However it might finish as a complain about a product or service. And you should predict and be ready for such situations.

With a common CRM platform for customer interactions and communication information sales manager can succeed and provide a great response to a customer.

If you want to influence your customer, CRM system can help you to collect your business data into one place, make it accessible anytime from any device, and free up your time to focus on pleasing customers. That helps to be closer to your customers and make proper influence, too. 

Combining Dale Carnegie’s proposed strategy and CRM technological possibilities the result will not leave anyone indifferent. 

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CRM helps to find customers, to create relationships and to maintain influence

If until today you thought that everything what is needed for customers’ search and support is phone and business card, better use time machine to the 21st century – there are more effective solutions!

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